The Nurtured Mama exclusively supports women throughout pregnancy and beyond. In business since 2012, The Nurtured Mama has been helping prego moms throughout the valley through all kinds of pregnancy ailments and postpartum recovery.  As a private business, NM offers an intimate setting, one on one support and access to a pregnancy network that includes doulas, chiropractic care, acupuncturists, midwives and more.

“Carrying a child is one of the most special times in a woman’s life. It is also an emotional roller-coaster filled with ups and downs, growing pains, weight gain and stress. Taking time out to decompress, relax and allowing your body to work its magic without any mental strain is incredibly important not only to the mother, but also to the developing child. As such, I firmly believe that although one massage from time to time is great, incorporating massage throughout ones pregnancy provides benefits beyond just physical relaxation.”                 Meli Leon – Owner, LMT

Many studies have been done on the impact of massage on an expectant woman’s body.  Overall, massage during pregnancy does the following:

• Reduces stress, promotes relaxation, emotional support and physical nurturing

• Reduces negative effects of changes to the circulatory system, including edema, varicose veins, and blood pressure

• Reduces muscular strain and pain

• Contributes to developing flexibility and body awareness necessary to actively participate in the birth process

• Fosters nurturing maternal touch