Is it safe to get a massage early on in pregnancy?  Yes.  With a Certified Prenatal/Postpartum Massage Therapist it is safe to get massage throughout your entire pregnancy up to and beyond your due date.

Are the staff at The Nurtured Mama specialized in Maternity Massage?  Absolutely.  Although the state of Arizona does not require such certification, all therapists at The Nurtured Mama have had additional certification that consists of classroom and hands on work with prenatal clients.  Combined we have over 100 hours of specialized prenatal and postpartum training.  And we continuously add to our training.

How often should I get a massage?  To maximize the benefits of massage for mom and baby, consistency is most important.  Many of my clients purchase 3 or 6 sessions.  However, each client is unique, and I am happy to work with you to create the perfect package just for you.

How late in my pregnancy can I get a massage? Massage is safe and recommended up to and beyond your due date.

Why should I get a massage? Massage helps mom relax, feel good, reduce muscle tension, helps reduce low back & hip aches and pains.  Research also shows that massage throughout pregnancy is associated with a reduction in overall labor times,  less interventions during delivery, less use of pitocin and lower cesarean rates.

Do you use the pregnancy table?  No.  All prenatal massage is performed in the side-lying position.

What is cancellation policy? All appointments can be cancelled or changed with a minimum of 24 hours with no fee.  Within 24 hours, please call the office.

Do you do at home massage?  Yes.  At home appointments must be made via phone.

I bought a package, but already had my baby. Can I  use the remaining sessions postpartum?  Yes.  All packages can be used prenatal, postpartum or restorative.  (Postpartum is generally 10-12 weeks after birth.  Beyond that is considered restorative massage – which is combination of deep tissue, swedish, reflexology and other modalities)